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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
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Hello. Welcome to my page. Here's where you can learn more about little old me~

:bulletblue: I'm Breanna, but you can call me "Bre" or "Breann"
:bulletblue: I am a female... but I fail at it sometimes...
:bulletblue: I cuss. Even if I'm not mad I tend to cuss, so if you don't like that I suggest you don't become friends with me. Sorry D;
:bulletblue: I have come to the conclusion that I am a creepypasta monster called a Tulpa
:bulletblue: I am a really sweet person who takes pride in helping others the best I can, but I am known to be a bitch in certain situations. Just be nice to me and I'll return it :heart:
>>> When I am nice to you, do not automatically assume I'm kissing your ass for something. I'm only being nice because you deserve it and you have done nothing wrong/bad to me.
:bulletblue: Yes, I AM a White Knight when it comes to my friends or even strangers and they have done nothing to deserve your sass, harassment, or anger. (If they did deserve it, by all means, have fun.)
:bulletblue: I ship whatever I think is cute, no matter the gender, or what people think of it.
:bulletblue: I love Games. It's most of my life.
>>> Games I have Played: Alice Madness Returns, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Cat Mario, Elsword, Fate - The Traitor Soul, God of War II, Harvest Moon (Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town), Mad Father, Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts (I, II, and 358/2 Days), Pokemon (Black, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire), Primal, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Sims 2 (Castaway and Pets), Sims 3 (Ambitions, Generations, Pets, Seasons, Showtime, and Supernatural), SLENDER, SoulCalibur III, Spyro: Dawn of the Dragons, Skyrim V: The Elder Scrolls, To The Moon, WolfQuest, and World of Warcraft
:bulletblue: I like Kind Deviants who support and help others who need it.
:bulletblue: I love 3-D Designing and I'm practically obsessed with it. I plan to take on a career into 3-D modeling and Game Designing
>>> I currently use Meta, PMD/PMX Editor, and MMD for my 3-D Obsession.
>>> I have been working with MMD and PMD/PMX Editor for 2 years
:bulletblue: I love creepy shit. Blood, Creepypasta, sharp things, darkness, I love them all. I'm a scary bitch when it comes to these things. I REGRET NOTHING! ;D
:bulletblue: Pandas, Foxes, Horses, Cats, and Dogs are my favorite animals
:bulletblue: I love crossovers! They're really interesting to me and I love making my own crossover things for others to read/see

Give a Llama Get a Llama Pixel Stamp by cupcakekitten20


:heart::heart:Awesome People I know: (in no specific order):heart::heart:

I Met My Best Friend Online by holls DevArt Friends are Best Friends by MeglifKaddy

:heart::heart:Awesome People who I Admire: (in no specific order):heart::heart:



:star::star:Things Here:star::star:

I help MMDers fix their models to the best of my abilities, which means it probably won't be perfect, but it will still be usable. If you would like to acquire my free help please visit the journal below before contacting me. Thanks!
Model Help ListIf you want my help, comment or note me with a download to your model that needs to be fixed and I'll try and help as soon as I can. This journal is updated regularly when the time comes. So favorite and check in if you have a model here and want to see the progress of where I am and such.
Please, if you're a Founder, Co-Founder, or Contributor to an MMD Help group or anything similar, feel free to add this journal. I would love to help everyone as much as I can :heart:
Facials - :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
Sliders - :star::star::star::star:[Half Star]
Physics - [Star!][Star!][Star!][Half Star][No Star]
Rigging - [Star!][Star!][Star!][Half Star][No Star]
UV Mapping - [Half Star][No Star][No Star][No Star][No Star]
[Point Right] I am not a professional. Everything won't be perfect but will at least be us


❑ Taken
❑ Single
✔ Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist

Journal History

Today I had a really rare experience to see. As many of you know on Wednesdays I go to get allergy shots because of my dangerous allergies to wasps as well as go to counseling for my anxiety and depression caused by my anxiety. Today when in town for this stuff, bomb threats were taking place at the hospitals and schools in my area. Here we get a lot of bomb threats from kids who try to look cool and badass and they're always false, so we didn't think nothing of it. After my shot we went to my counselor's office and we were VERY close to getting hit by a speeding maniac. My mom was rushing us out of the car at that time and shortly after we got out a car zoomed by and could've hit us if we took even a second longer than my mom would allow. She heard the sirens of police cars before he went by and wanted us on the safety of the sidewalk. My mother, my younger brother, and I stood there for a while wondering what the hell just happened when suddenly a LOT more police cars came zooming after him (these were the police sirens my mother heard) My mom made us get on the porch of the counselor's office just in case there might be a craash and glass will go flying and we got to watch at least 15 cop cars zoom down the street after this guy. It was super cool to be so close next to this sort of action and thankfully, no one was hurt in these actions. We got to see a high-speed chase happen at least one or two yards away from us and it was a really cool experience that I was glad I was there for.
The man has been captured shortly after his car was crashed and he tried to run. Turns out the man was the one that made the bomb threats to get the cops away so he can rob a bank, however, he didn't wait long enough and the robbery took place right when the cops were passing to get to the schools and hospitals. Thankfully no one innocent was hurt in this situation and my younger brother and I got to experience something rare in a lifetime. It was certainly an experience I'll never forget considering I could've died if I wasn't lucky and it was a thrilling scene to watch for those split seconds they raced by.


:bulletblue: I'm rolling my first Blood Elf Warlock Hordie! It's tons of fun~ <3
:bulletblue: I figured out a nice mount to get for my main character, but it requires 10 Skyshards to get and they're REALLY rare drops. I only have 3 ;n;
:bulletblue: I've been writing some things lately. I'm not the best writer, but I figured to post them soon since I have nothing else to do with them.
:bulletblue: I REALLY want a username change, but I don't have the money or points... I wish there was a way for me to earn some points ;A;
:bulletblue: I've been thinking of doing a HUGE MMD model picture with all the models I download or have downloaded in the past. I don't think anyone has done such a thing other than a collection picture.

That's all for now. Bye~ :heart:
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